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Moulton Primary School

"This is an outstanding school that provides excellent value for money." -Ofsted

"My children are very happy at school and have come on so well." -parent

"All staff work diligently and successfully to provide pupils with a rich curriculum." -Ofsted

"We are delighted with the progress Jamie has made in his Reception year" -parent

"The democratically convened school council has a powerful voice in the school" -Ofsted

"Daniel has gained so much confidence and has really 'come out of his shell." -parent

"Excellent teaching ensures that pupils know exactly where they are in their learning" -Ofsted

"Moulton School has been kind to Owen and he has enjoyed his time there." -parent

"Sensitive support assistants ensure that pupils catch up and gain confidence." -Ofsted

"Thank you for making learning fun and exciting." -parent

Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School Life at Moulton School

Welcome to Moulton School


'Aim high and together we will succeed'


At Moulton School we believe in...

  • celebrating individuality
  • nurturing talent
  • building a sense of community
  • creating stimulating and exciting learning opportunities
  • instilling a love of learning in a safe and caring environment that our children are able to reach their full potential.


We hope you like our new website.  It is important to recognise that it is currently 'under construction' and that things are being added to it on a regular basis so keep checking back for up to date information.  The hope is that this website will eventually replace our weekly newsletter.

You can also follow us now on Twitter @MoultonPrimary for regular updates on all the wonderful things happening in school.

Our new App will also be up and running soon.

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